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All you need to know about online reputation management

All you need to know about online reputation management

Most consumers these days search for a company online before opting for their products or services. The percentage of prospective customers doing so in developed countries like Singapore is even higher. That is why the online reputation of any business becomes vitally important.

If your business’s online reputation is not up to the mark, it will affect your customers’ buying decisions. Consequently, it will become difficult for you to gain new customers.

However, did you know that you can manage your online reputation in a much better way?

With online reputation management, you can build your reputation to increase your conversion rate. Before we share the strategies you can use, let us look at the basics.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management involves monitoring reviews, comments, as well as social media chatter about your business. The aim is to detect any negative reviews or negative opinions early on. Only then, you can tackle the problem and satisfy the customer right away.

The lack of supervision can lead to numerous negative reviews. It can dent the reputation of your business. That is why; having an online presence and monitoring activity around your brand online is a necessity.

We understand that monitoring all the online chatter revolving around your brand is not an easy task. Hence, many businesses just hire an online reputation management Singapore company to help them. More on that later.

Why you need online reputation management?

Let us first understand the need to monitor your online reputation. There are quite a few reasons to do so. Some of them include:

1. Maintain a stellar reputation:

Negative reviews are unavoidable. You cannot satisfy 100% of your consumers. However, with proper online reputation management, you can solve the problem of your unsatisfied customers. It helps you gain more credibility in front of prospective customers. Ignoring negative reviews lets your potential customers know that you do not care about them. In that case, they will not buy from your business.

Thus, by solving customer problems and responding to negative reviews, you can build a stellar business reputation.

2. Increase conversion rate:

A business having a stellar online reputation will certainly have a high conversion. The higher conversion rate will boost your business’s ROI.

3. Increasing Brand value and credibility:

The reputation of your business has a significant impact on brand value and credibility. A credible business has premium pricing. You can reduce your marketing spend as you gain more credibility in your niche. You can achieve all of that by monitoring and improving your reputation online consistently.

4. Shows care:

Interacting with unsatisfied customers online also indicates that you care for your customers. This human or emotional touch will undoubtedly draw more customers towards your business.

5. Expands your reach:

The most reputed businesses in any industry find it easier to expand organically and inorganically. Even if you plan to expand vertically or horizontally in your industry, your reputation certainly helps. In a nutshell, managing your reputation online can open up new business opportunities.

As you can see, the need to manage your online reputation is necessary rather than a luxury. Instead of waiting for an unsatisfied customer to formulate and execute an online reputation management strategy, you have to be proactive.

The best method to manage your business reputation online is to hire companies like However, before doing so, it is good to gain some knowledge regarding the strategies they usually imply.

We will share below three effective online reputation management strategies that work.

Three effective online reputation management strategies that work:

The strategies are not only effective but are used by professional online reputation management companies. Let us look at the greater details below.

1. Address problems effectively:

The very first strategy is to address negative reviews and customer problems effectively and right away. You cannot take negative reviews for granted. Neither ignoring them is the solution.

It is better to reach out to those customers within 24 hours of them posting the review. It highlights that you are responsive to their problems and issues. In all likelihood, if you work hard to solve their problems, the negative review would be gone.

2. Preventing Negative reviews:

What if there is a way to prevent customers from posting negative feedback online?

Legally, of course!

Chances are, before posting negative reviews online, the customer will contact your business. You have to monitor all channels of communication effectively. If there is an iota of disappointment or dissatisfaction among your customers, you have to communicate effectively and quickly. It lets them know that you’re working hard to solve their problems.

In that case, most customers will be willing to give you some time to fix the situation. Till then, they will not post negative feedback online.

The communication can be carried out by a professional online reputation management company. It will ensure that everything is handled effectively and quickly. Most business owners do not have the time and patience to tackle such issues right away. It is where; the role of the online reputation management company becomes essential.

The proactive approach to prevent negative reviews is one of the most effective strategies of any reputation management company.

3. Automate reputation management:

The only way a professional company can manage various clients’ reputation is by automating the entire process. For an average business owner, doing so is not possible. However, an online reputation management agency will use tools like Google alerts, mention, and so on to monitor your reputation.

Additionally, they will use tools to monitor reviews about your business online. They will automate the entire process. It is why they can reach out to dissatisfied customers at a faster pace. Also, they will monitor the communication channels for you. Therefore, dissatisfaction, if any, will be nipped in the bud.

Automation is one of the effective strategies used by ORM agencies. That is why; hiring an ORM agency like is a necessity rather than a luxury.

These three strategies are often used by ORM agencies to manage your reputation online effectively.

Now that you’re aware of the necessity of online reputation management, you shouldn’t ignore it any longer. Contact ORM Company today to manage your reputation. It will undoubtedly reap rich dividends for your business. You can grow your business exponentially just by managing your reputation online. The best solution is to outsource to professionals. Then, you can focus on your business rather than dealing with negative reviews. It is time to take your ORM strategy to the next level.

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