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Online Reputation Management – A Specialized Skill

Online Reputation Management – A Specialized Skill

Even as businesses have moved online, the need to protect their fair name across the online platforms becomes critical. Information can travel much quicker through online channels than they do in the brick and mortar universe. There are active social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which can send any piece of news viral within a matter of minutes. So, how do you protect your company’s or product’s reputation from being sullied online? What kind of help should you seek to ensure this is done swiftly and professionally?

Keeping a Tab on What’s Transpiring

In the real world, there can be a newspaper report that can set off a negative reaction. Your reputation management consultant may immediately douse the fire with a statement to the media and ensure it is carried widely. In the virtual world, this could be a challenge. Unless you are constantly monitoring the relevant sites, you may not even know that something bad is being circulated online about your company or product.

The first important step would be to monitor the flow of negative information. There may be dedicated WhatsApp groups that you may have to discreetly join. An agency handling online reputation management in Singapore can possibly do this for you. There are software suites that can do this and the agency can help you with installing the software and handling it on an ongoing basis.

A Two-Pronged Strategy to be Adopted

When it comes to reputation management, the basic principle is to approach it with a twin-tracked strategy. You have to play down the negative reports and simultaneously promote positive messages through all channels available. This way, the positive information you are sending will drown out the negative voices and keep the recall of your brand within the positive territory.

One way suggested is that you can have the positive reviews posted by your happy customers pushed to the top. Some of them can be requested to post these good reviews on Google My Business platform as well.

Another equally powerful move would be to respond to those comments online which are not very favorable to your product or company. The tenets of customer relationships teach that if you promptly respond to a complaint by a customer, you will win their confidence back. If you redress the complaint of even one or two customers, they can be persuaded to post a fresh positive comment online. This can have a far-reaching impact on improving your online reputation.

What an Online Reputation Management Agency Can Bring to the Table?

If you get the right team to be responsible for online reputation management in Singapore, they will be able to help you in multiple ways. There will be a requirement to quickly repair the damage done and to stop the negative news from spreading. There are SEO strategies available to achieve this.

The reputation strategist will use their team to create microsites that carry positive messages on your company and products. These microsites will be built in such a way that they will rank higher on the search engines pushing the negative sites to the later pages. This may appear easy while reading but it involves a lot of strategies and careful implementation. The search engine algorithms are not easy to beat. The microsites must have the right keywords to be picked up by the search engines as the top results. You may be able to find some resources here at

A Large Part of the Work Can be Analytical in Nature

The key part is played by the dedicated online reputation management software. These are business intelligence programs. The program will keep track of any mention of your company on the internet, whether these are review sites or social media platforms. The moment there are negative comments appearing, the alert will be raised and the online reputation management consultant you have retained will move into the act. Whenever the latest developments in technology surface, these are integrated into the software to make it more effective.

Removing the Misconception

Some people may feel if there is a software available, they could just invest in it and forget everything else. This is the wrong conclusion. The software, at best, can act as a diagnostic tool. It can bring up where the problem is. The solution has to be found by the team of consultants who specialize in online reputation management in Singapore.

Additional Support from the Agency

With their strength and expertise in the SEO space, the online reputation management company in Singapore that you have employed can be of further assistance to you. Along with protecting your company’s and products’ reputation online, they can handle online marketing. These can include managing the Google Ads, marketing on social media and so on.

Social media, particularly Facebook has become an important place to push your products. There is severe competition and you ought to have a strong campaign to achieve success. Trust companies like to come up with the right answers for all your problems. You can even start from the website building work and use their content marketing techniques to good effect.

You Have to Consider the Costs as Well

Hiring an online reputation management consultant in Singapore won’t come cheap by any means. You will have to fully understand the range of services they have on offer. You can then pick and choose the ones you need. They will hold a detailed meeting with you before coming back with their quotation. You may have your budget for these activities. You don’t want to have the negative comments online floating around for long. Share your concerns and get the agency to move fast on them.


Online reputation management (ORM) has evolved into a unique territory and an effective strategy has to be drawn up to first tackle the negative image if any. After that, a full-blown aggressive plan must be put in place to promote positive vibes. An online marketing plan has to be made a part of this to obtain the best results.

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